AJ1 Dior Super Comfortable & Warm Slippers - One Size Fits Most

$49.95 $100

Always wanted to wear your favorite sneakers around the house? Now you can!

Inspired by popular fashion trends and brands, our AJ1 Black & Gold Slipz will provide you with top level comfort whilst looking drippy in our stylish designs. Our unisex slippers are a must for anyone who likes fashion and keeping up with the latest trends. One size fits most.

 Ultra-Soft Material - Embedded with a cotton inner to comfortable and breathable at the same time. Top quality materials for top level comfort.

 Warm & Snug - The velvety fleece upper of our Swag Slipz provides ultimate warmth and comfort.

 Swag Slipz Are The Perfect Gift - the perfect gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend or friends. 

► Easily Washable - Can be washed without any sort of shrinkage or fading. Just make sure it is a front load washer and that you remove the laces. 


Our slippers come in one size. They will fit sizes US 3 - 13 perfectly, due to them being filled with foam & plush allowing the slipper to hug and adapt to your feet size and having the use of laces for extra comfort.

Sizing - swagslipz

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